Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sharing, Caring and a Freebie!

Happy Sunday! How was your break?  I spent a lot of time organizing, sleeping, cleaning and there may have been catching up on grading some papers and other school to-do's, not that I had gotten behind or anything :).  Alas, I think I'm ready to get back to the kiddos and a fun week ahead!  I'm so excited about the holiday season.  I love every bit of the magic and the way it brings out the best in people and such great memories. 

To kick off the season of sharing and caring I will be gifting a $10 TpT Gift Certificate to one lucky winner.  It will be raffled off Monday night, in time to use before the awesome sale is over!  

I will also be gifting any item of your choice from my TpT store to the first 10 people to comment below with the item you would like and your email address.

And of course a little freebie for everyone!  This is a Christmas Noun Sort.  This will used be in my literacy centers this week.  

Don't forget to link up your best Holiday Crafts!  
I'm so excited to see them! 

Have a great week! 

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Snowman Craft and a Linky Party

Hi Everyone!  
Sleigh bells ring are you listening.... In the air there's a glistening...

Wow!  Christmas music is playing, holiday decorations are in sight!  I guess that means it's also time to start thinking about celebrating winter holidays in the classroom!  

I love making crafts this time of year, as I decorate the house and bring out my own childhood memories I am instantly reminded how special those little gifts and crafts that the children make in our classrooms are for their families. I love {reliving}  those memories and sharing them with my family and friends during this special season.  

My kiddos and I always love making these snowmen {and snowladies}.  It's always so cute to see how our snowfamily turns out!  Each snowchild is always so individual and truly represents each child's personality.  Each snowperson is so different, from the buttons to the gems- to the shapes of noses and the prescion in which they are are glued down.  Every child shines through

The supplies you will need are 

1 smooth 2 inch foam ball for each child (I usually buy in a 6-pack at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
1small clay pot for each child (craft store)
2-4 buttons or gems per child
1-2 black pipe cleaners per child
2 small soft fuzzy craft balls per child
1 sheet of orange felt for class to share 
1 black Sharpie
1 small bottle white tempera paint
1 winter remnant of fabric (approximately 1" x 6" for each child)

Begin by gluing (I use hot glue) a smooth foam ball to top of small clay pot.  It is best to write each child's name on the inside of their clay pot at this point.  I then invite students in small groups 3-5 to paint the entire outside of their snowman, while paint is wet you can sprinkle white glitter on top for added shimmer.  It is best to allow snowmen to dry overnight.  

The following day, invite children to choose their buttons or gems (these will be hot glued by an adult on the center front of he clay pot).  Then students will choose two "fuzzy" balls for their ear-muffs.  You will need to cut a short piece of the black pipe cleaner to serve as the the band for the ear muffs.  The teacher will need to hot glue the fuzzy ends to the pipe cleaner, so that it fits the snowman's head (see picture).  Students will then cut a "carrot" triangle shape nose out of the orange felt.  I love to hear exactly how each child would like the nose attached.  Some may request the nose to lay flat, while others request it to lay flat. Students will then use a Sharpie to draw dotted eyes and mouth. Finally student's will cut a piece of fabric to tie around their snowman's neck as a scarf to keep them warm.  The children then wrap and gift their snowman to their family for the holiday. 

I hope you enjoy our Snowfamily!  I am super excited to kick off the season with this Linky Party!  
Happy Holidays to You!  

What is your favorite Winter Craft??
Join the Linky Party below!

Wonderland Linky Graphics from Dreamlike Magic 
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful and Gobble Gobble {FREEBIE}

I'm feeling thankful for great blogging and teaching friends!  Here's a little SMART Board game to practice Fry's first 50 words for our youngest learners. This can be played whole group or in a center.  I tend to use this activity for use with my RtI, guided reading groups or in a center for review.  My little ones just love activities on the SMART Board!   

I hope everyone has a delightful and relaxing Thanksgiving break!  How will you be spending your Thanksgiving vacation??  

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sound Sparkle {Freebie}

Hi Friends!  I've been enjoying my {extra} hour of Daylight Savings!  Building solid phonemic awareness skills is so important in creating that solid foundation for our students to be successful in reading and writing.  One of the phonemic awareness skills I work on with my kiddos throughout the year is the automaticity of our letter sounds.  It's about that time of year when I have to start spicing things up, so I've put together a lil 2-minute video Sound Sparkle.  In this video each letter for about 2-seconds, students will have to respond with the letter sound.  This is a great resource for RtI, reading groups, partnerships, whole group using a projector or IWB. A great alternative to traditional flashcards!   I'd love to hear your feedback! 


Click on any of the pictures above to download Sound Sparkle or {here}

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Link up for November Currently 

Off to prep for conferences... 
What are your tips & tricks for Parent-Teacher Conferences???

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