Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Doubles Facts {Freebie}

My students will begin working on Doubles Facts this week.  This is always an exciting time for them as they feel so grown-up working with math facts as the older kids do.   I will be using this in my math center this week, it is also a great activity you can add to your math tubs or for students to play when finished with other class work.  

I have also included two different optional recording sheets. You can download Pumpkin Doubles by clicking on any of the images or {here}.

I found this cute YouTube video on Doubles Facts I will be showing my students this week.  

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Animal Sorting Center

One of the apps my class has been using in centers the last couple weeks is 
We will use this app throughout the school year as we learn and research animals.  It is a great app to use to meet the Common Core expectations of using digital media, while also facilitating student research.  
Our focus/essential question of the week was "What makes pets special?" I always have an iPad center.  This week students used this app sort animals into "Good Pets" & "Not Good Pets."  The conversations were awesome as they could choose to complete the center by themselves or collaborate with a partner.  The initial screen looks like this... 

The paid version has 200 animals for the children to choose from.  The children can then touch which animals they would like more information on.  They can read facts about the animal, check out photos, listen to the animal and more.   

One of the reasons this activity was very successful was that all the learners in my room could achieve success and the activity app naturally differentiates information for all students.  My non-readers could simply copy the animal's name, which was identified by a picture.  They could also explore the photos and listen to the animals.  The readers and high achievers could read more information about the animal, learning their average height, weight, species, etc.   
This app is available in the iTunes store click here to view the lite (free) version. If you would like to view the paid version click here.

Don't have iPads?? You can complete this same activity using animal books or animal websites such as...

I chose to have my students create their own T-Chart.  

I have created a T-Chart for those of you who prefer to have one already created.  Click on the picture of the T-Chart. 

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